Replacing Your Old AC Can Save Your Money

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Although fixing an old AC might look cheaper, replacing it’ll save you a lot more actually. With nearly 50 percent of your utility bill being rising up by cooling, it’s important to go for a replacement. Older air conditioners generally are inefficient, hence contributing to a big energy bill. Furthermore, replacing your older air conditioner unit can save you nearly $200 yearly while ensuring a comfy indoor atmosphere. The air conditioners today are intended to accommodate SEER rating of about 13, thus their energy usage is about 30 to 50% lesser compared to the older models.
A few things that you should look out for while you choose to replace the AC include lifespan, high level of humidity in home, leaking ducts, excessive dust, noise and higher electricity bills. Other than these, there are a lot of other things you should know about ACs before trying to replace your older unit.

Advantages of Central Air Conditioners

If you’re desirous of replacing an old air conditioner, then consider installing a central air conditioner with the help of AC Repair Queen Creek. This is for the reason that there are many advantages that are linked with it, such as:

  • They generate lesser noise as compared to old air conditioning systems.
  • They aren’t cumbersome, thus they can be easily positioned out of way.
  • They are easily controlled by the thermostats.
  • They are highly energy efficient and offer better air flow via the premises.

There are also many other advantages that will be easily derived whenever you replace your older air conditioner with a central air conditioner.

Different Types of The Central Air Conditioning Units

There are many different kinds of central air conditioning units that you can select from. You’ll be capable to find out one which is appropriate for your house.
The two major kinds of central air conditioners are:

  • Split system – It’s only the condenser and compressor that are situated outdoors while evaporator is situated indoors. The split system central ACs have SEER rating of around 13 to 23, making them highly energy efficient.
  • Packaged Units – With these kinds of central air conditioners, the condenser, evaporator, and compressor are situated outdoors. For this main reason, it takes lesser space and is simple to install.

Choosing the Right AC

Selecting the right AC is an important decision, still it could be a big challenge if you’re not certain what should you look for. You must invest into an air conditioner that will provide steady and reliable service. A few factors to consider incorporate:

  • Energy efficiency – It’s the reason you’re replacing your older air conditioner, hence go for a higher SEER rating as a higher rating refers to greater efficiency.
  • Overall built – Pay close attention to compressor, centre of condensing unit.
  • Size – You require an air conditioner which will keep your house cool. Small size might be convenient when it comes to space but won’t necessarily keep the house cool. In contrast, an oversized unit might not be a great investment. The most excellent way to decide the size of AC that’s best fit for your house is by knowing your cooling requirements in relation with certain features of the home like window dimensions and exposure.
  • Noise – The air conditioner which produces lesser noise will be an excellent bet as you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures without needing to put with noises.
  • Lifespan – Go for the AC which has a long lifespan with lower service requirements. This means you won’t spend lots of money on overall maintenance and repairs, hence the electricity bills will easily be manageable.


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