LED lightings – Why they are a better choice?

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Traditional incandescent lightings are long gone now. 90% of the energy was used to produce heat in those lights. After incandescent lighting, came the era of halogen lights which used halogen gas to produce light. It was a little better than incandescent lamps. Lights improved more and we were introduced to the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) but it contains the toxic substances like mercury. LEDs have revolutionized the lighting world by providing us with all the benefits that one could think of. Everyone should get it installed at thier home and offices by Electrician Queen Creek
LEDs (light emitting diode) are the latest invention in the light. LEDs are used everywhere from your cell phone to a television, they have a wide range of applications. Today we have created the LEDs so powerful that they can be used to illuminate the entire playground or office buildings.

Let’s see the benefits that LEDs offer:
  • Long life – LEDs have a very long operational life. Unlike other incandescent lights, they remain bright for their entire life. Using LEDs can not only reduce your energy consumption but it also saves you from the expenditure of changing the bulbs again and again. LEDs do not have filament which makes it more resistant to the damage. While traditional lights can run good for 1000 hours, the LEDs will be good for more than 11 years.
  • Energy efficient – This is the number one benefit of having LEDs in your home. They are 80-90% energy efficient which means that they convert almost 80% of the energy into light. Only 20% of the energy is wasted in the conversion. While incandescent lamps convert as low as 5% of the energy into visible light.
  • Safer than other traditional sources of light – LEDs do not have mercury or any other toxic material like regular bulbs so they are good to use in homes.​
  • Free from UV emissions – As LEDs produces little to no Ultraviolet and infrared, they are suitable to the places which are UV sensitive like art galleries, museums etc.
  • High Color rendering index (CRI) – CRI is a way to measure the ability of light to present the actual color of the objects compared to the natural light source. LEDs have a high CRI rating.
  • Works well in extreme temperature – LEDs can work perfectly well in the low and high temperature. Low temperature can affect the function of incandescent lights but LEDs work like a charm even in the extreme temperature.
  • Provides instant light – LED can light up instantly so they are good to use in the traffic lights and signal lights. They can easily be switched on and off again and again. Frequent switching doesn’t affect the life of the LEDs.
  • Runs easily on the low voltage supply – LEDs do not use high voltage to illuminate, that makes them a better choice in the rural areas. LEDs also work well with the solar panels.
  • Varied design features – LEDs come in various shape and sizes. They can be easily attached to the dimmers. They are easy to control the color and distribution of light. You can create fantastic light effects with the help of LEDs.
  • Environment-friendly – LEDs are 100% recyclable as they are free from toxic materials. Using LEDs can reduce your carbon footprint. The use of LEDs is a big step toward a greener future.
  • LEDs are small – LEDs can be used in the devices which are small but needs to produce high brightness. LED chips can come in as small as 0.3 mm by 0.3 mm in dimension making them first choice in the mobile phones, keypads, and liquid crystal display.


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