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Common Electrical Accidents And How To Avoid Them?



Electricity plays such a vital role in our normal lives and we continuously use electricity in our normal household, which is why the chances of electrical accidents are so common. There are multiple reasons behind electrical accidents which are common and they can lead to some serious damage to you, your house and your surroundings. Electrical accidents are very dangerous and that is why it becomes very important that we should know some common things about electrical accidents so that we can use that knowledge to prevent common electrical accidents.

So let us look at some of the most common electrical accidents that can happen at your house without your knowledge and how to prevent them.

Electrical fire

Electric fire has become very common these days and it normally takes place due to lack of awareness and knowledge. They can cause some serious damage at a very large scale and that is why you should know how to prevent such accidents.

  • First of all, make sure to keep all the candles, heaters away from things which can easily catch fire like furniture, curtains etc.
  • Make sure to check the gas in your kitchen, many fire take place due to gas leakage as well as unattended gas.
  • As far as awareness of electrical fire is concerned, you can install smoke detectors in your house that’ll help you in sensing electrical fire and you might be able to stop big damage.

Wiring security

Most of the electrical accidents take place due to wiring problem. Ensuring wiring security is one of the best ways to avoid electrical accidents. What you can do to ensure wiring safety is that you can hire a professional electrician for the regular maintenance of the wiring of your house. Make sure that none of the wiring of your electrical system is hanging out in open, this can cause some big electrical issue. Don’t try to fix faulty wiring all by yourself, hire Queen Creek Electrician to do the job for you.

Electrician Queen Creek

Electrical systems security

Damages electrical systems like electrical components and appliances are very much responsible for electrical accidents. Regular maintenance of these appliances will help you in determining what needs to be done in order to prevent electrical accidents that can happen due to faulty appliance. Other things that you can do are not use an appliance which is showing any kind of electrical problem.

Other than electrical appliances, electrical components like circuits, outlets can also cause electrical accidents. To prevent electrical accidents through them, you need to make sure that they are in proper working condition, the wiring is completely fine and the connections are not loose. Make sure that your outlet or sockets are not overloaded, as it can lead to short circuit. This way you can prevent some very common electrical accidents that can happen through them.

Electrical shocks prevention

Electrical shocks are considered as the most common electrical accidents and the reason behind it is our lack of knowledge on electrical shocks. The thing is that when a human body comes directly in contact with electricity, it leads to electrical shock. There are some very common things you can do to avoid electrical shock. You need to turn off the electricity while doing any repairing or inspection, make sure that all your outlets and switch boards are covered, none of the wires are uncovered. Make sure to avoid direct contact with electricity and that way you can prevent electrical shock.

These are some tips to avoid any sort of electrical accidents that can cause you any kind of harm and damage. ​​

LED Lightings – Why They Are A Better Choice?


Traditional incandescent lightings are long gone now. 90% of the energy was used to produce heat in those lights. After incandescent lighting, came the era of halogen lights which used halogen gas to produce light. It was a little better than incandescent lamps. Lights improved more and we were introduced to the compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) but it contains the toxic substances like mercury. LEDs have revolutionized the lighting world by providing us with all the benefits that one could think of. Everyone should get it installed at thier home and offices by Electrician Queen Creek

LEDs (light emitting diode) are the latest invention in the light. LEDs are used everywhere from your cell phone to a television, they have a wide range of applications. Today we have created the LEDs so powerful that they can be used to illuminate the entire playground or office buildings. Let’s see the benefits that LEDs offer:

  • Long life- LEDs have a very long operational life. Unlike other incandescent lights, they remain bright for their entire life. Using LEDs can not only reduce your energy consumption but it also saves you from the expenditure of changing the bulbs again and again. LEDs do not have filament which makes it more resistant to the damage. While traditional lights can run good for 1000 hours, the LEDs will be good for more than 11 years.
  • Energy efficient – This is the number one benefit of having LEDs in your home. They are 80-90% energy efficient which means that they convert almost 80% of the energy into light. Only 20% of the energy is wasted in the conversion. While incandescent lamps convert as low as 5% of the energy into visible light.
  • Safer than other traditional sources of light- LEDs do not have mercury or any other toxic material like regular bulbs so they are good to use in homes.​
Electrician Queen Creek
  • Free from UV emissions- As LEDs produces little to no Ultraviolet and infrared, they are suitable to the places which are UV sensitive like art galleries, museums etc.
  • High Color rendering index (CRI) – CRI is a way to measure the ability of light to present the actual color of the objects compared to the natural light source. LEDs have a high CRI rating.
  • Works well in extreme temperature - LEDs can work perfectly well in the low and high temperature. Low temperature can affect the function of incandescent lights but LEDs work like a charm even in the extreme temperature.
  • Provides instant light- LED can light up instantly so they are good to use in the traffic lights and signal lights. They can easily be switched on and off again and again. Frequent switching doesn’t affect the life of the LEDs.
  • Runs easily on the low voltage supply – LEDs do not use high voltage to illuminate, that makes them a better choice in the rural areas. LEDs also work well with the solar panels.
  • Varied design features- LEDs come in various shape and sizes. They can be easily attached to the dimmers. They are easy to control the color and distribution of light. You can create fantastic light effects with the help of LEDs.
  • Environment-friendly- LEDs are 100% recyclable as they are free from toxic materials. Using LEDs can reduce your carbon footprint. The use of LEDs is a big step toward a greener future.
  • LEDs are small- LEDs can be used in the devices which are small but needs to produce high brightness. LED chips can come in as small as 0.3 mm by 0.3 mm in dimension making them first choice in the mobile phones, keypads, and liquid crystal display. ​

Maintenance And Care Tips For Portable Air Conditioners


Portable Air Conditioner clients have questions about the maintenance and care that the unit requires so as to run appropriately and last a very long time. Whenever you decide on any cooling solution, you wish to be sure that you get the best from your unit.

Below are a few tips and suggestions to do just that for you.

Location, Location, And Location

Firstly, you will wish to examine where you will exactly be installing and utilizing the unit. Placement tends to be very essential to longevity of the portable AC unit. Try and avoid areas which are very dirty or dusty. The reason for it is that the dust can get in the lower and upper fan motors, contaminate bearings, and foul windings on motors themselves. It can cause mechanical and electrical failures.

If the dusty areas are actually unavoidable, consider utilizing antimicrobial filter with the portable air conditioners. This will assist capture and alleviate all the impurities.

The other things you should consider include the proximity to any available window and nearby power source. The window is required for venting purposes, whereas a power source tends to be necessary to run your unit. If the window isn’t available, consider using ceiling tile or sliding glass door as a venting outlet.

If the area is especially humid, you might also wish to consider a close by drain for condensate that air conditioner will collect during operation.

Power Considerations

When it comes to power, ensure that the system is being run on a circuit which will supply about 120VAC, at minimum 15A. It’ll ensure that the fan and compressor motors have lots of startup power. Next thing to consider include the use of electrical surge protector. The cost is minimum and will save you effort, money, and time in the case you face a power surge.

AC Repair Queen Creek

Filter Maintenance

Cleaning of the air conditioner unit’s filters regularly will go a very long way in guarantying long life of your appliance. Regular cleaning of washable pre-filter is suggested, usually located in upper back part of the system. This will avoid dirt and dust from building up onto the evaporator coils.

If dirt is ever allowed to collect, it mixes with residual moisture on coil and forms “crust”, or dirty layer, on coil, which prevents it eventually from transferring heat from room to outside, acting as insulator and causing compressor to overheat. Ensure while cleaning the filters to not use detergents or soap as they will definitely leave sticky film on filter and lead to rapid clogging.

Make sure to keep all the vents also in back of the system clean as fans pull air via the vents to offer secondary cooling of compressor. You may utilize a vacuum with brush attachment to attain this job if you want.

Exhaust Tip

In addition make sure that while installing exhaust hose, it is as straight and as short as probable. You do not want to ever extend hose to its own maximum length or even kink hose in any ways. This will avoid the moisture in exhaust stream from ever condensing in hose and rolling out back into the system, potentially causing damages.

Storage Tips

After cooling season is gone, you will wish to drain the system of collect water and then operate your unit in the FAN ONLY mode, that too on a HIGH speed, for about 3-4 hours, to fully dry the inside part of the unit. Cover the whole unit with plastic sheets and store in dry and cool place where it won’t be subjected to any freezing conditions or contact AC Repair Queen Creek if facing any issues.

Replacing Your Old AC Can Save Your Money


Although fixing an old AC might look cheaper, replacing it’ll save you a lot more actually. With nearly 50 percent of your utility bill being rising up by cooling, it’s important to go for a replacement. Older air conditioners generally are inefficient, hence contributing to a big energy bill. Furthermore, replacing your older air conditioner unit can save you nearly $200 yearly while ensuring a comfy indoor atmosphere. The air conditioners today are intended to accommodate SEER rating of about 13, thus their energy usage is about 30 to 50% lesser compared to the older models.

A few things that you should look out for while you choose to replace the AC include lifespan, high level of humidity in home, leaking ducts, excessive dust, noise and higher electricity bills. Other than these, there are a lot of other things you should know about ACs before trying to replace your older unit.

Advantages of Central Air Conditioners

If you’re desirous of replacing an old air conditioner, then consider installing a central air conditioner with the help of AC Repair Queen Creek. This is for the reason that there are many advantages that are linked with it, such as:

  • They generate lesser noise as compared to old air conditioning systems.
  • They aren’t cumbersome, thus they can be easily positioned out of way.
  • They are easily controlled by the thermostats.
  • They are highly energy efficient and offer better air flow via the premises.

There are also many other advantages that will be easily derived whenever you replace your older air conditioner with a central air conditioner.

AC Repair Queen Creek

Different Types of The Central Air Conditioning Units

There are many different kinds of central air conditioning units that you can select from. You’ll be capable to find out one which is appropriate for your house. The two major kinds of central air conditioners are:

  • Split system – It’s only the condenser and compressor that are situated outdoors while evaporator is situated indoors. The split system central ACs have SEER rating of around 13 to 23, making them highly energy efficient.
  • Packaged Units – With these kinds of central air conditioners, the condenser, evaporator, and compressor are situated outdoors. For this main reason, it takes lesser space and is simple to install.

Choosing the Right AC

Selecting the right AC is an important decision, still it could be a big challenge if you’re not certain what should you look for. You must invest into an air conditioner that will provide steady and reliable service. A few factors to consider incorporate:

  • Energy efficiency – It’s the reason you’re replacing your older air conditioner, hence go for a higher SEER rating as a higher rating refers to greater efficiency.
  • Overall built – Pay close attention to compressor, centre of condensing unit.
  • Size – You require an air conditioner which will keep your house cool. Small size might be convenient when it comes to space but won’t necessarily keep the house cool. In contrast, an oversized unit might not be a great investment. The most excellent way to decide the size of AC that’s best fit for your house is by knowing your cooling requirements in relation with certain features of the home like window dimensions and exposure.
  • Noise – The air conditioner which produces lesser noise will be an excellent bet as you’ll enjoy cooler temperatures without needing to put with noises.
  • Lifespan – Go for the AC which has a long lifespan with lower service requirements. This means you won’t spend lots of money on overall maintenance and repairs, hence the electricity bills will easily be manageable.

How To Handle Broken Sewer Pipes?


Your home’s plumbing system gets water in your house and also drains it out. Broken sewer lines can get this flow to screeching halt. Early recognition can manage broken sewer lines but prevention is known to be the best method to ensure that your drains are clean, clear, and flowing appropriately.

It is hard to tell difference between broken sewage pipe and clogged drain. Symptoms of both of them are a foul smell coming from the drain and even backed up water inside sinks, tubs, and toilets. If you’ve more than a drain that’s backing up, you may then have broken sewage pipes.

Find Where The Sewer Line is Situated?

Knowing location of the sewer line will assist you deal with broken or clogged sewer lines inside your business or home. If you’ve access to crawl space under the home, or to basement, the sewer pipes are easily located. In houses built on slab foundation, they can be harder to find out. Knowing where your business or home sewer pipe is situated can help you decide the location of broken sewer pipes.

Finding Broken Sewage Pipes

One indication of broken pipes is a smelly, soggy, bug infested area in your yard. The drain that can’t be cleared with snake or plunger is another. An expert, with the right equipment, can peer in the sewer lines with a closed circuit television and decide the precise location and level of breakage. With this detail, they will know and understand if you require a repair to any section of the pipe or complete replacement of the sewage pipe.

How Can You Break Sewage Pipe?

You might know why the sewage pipe is actually broken, or you might not. “How could you break the sewage pipe,” you pose this question? Well, you could and it happens daily. A sewer line could become clogged with big wads of kitchen grease, toilet paper, soap scum, and hair. This accumulation of filth can be often eliminated with a plumber's snake or plunger, even if clog affects over one drain inside your business or home.

Plumber Queen Creek

If your effort to unclog the sewer line fails, call an expert because the improper usage of a Plumber Queen Creek​ snake can make the damages worse. Moreover over-generous use of drain cleaner could make a bad issue go worse as well, so be cautious when using such products. Old sewer pipes in businesses and homes may be made using cast iron, clay, or Orangeburg. Over time, they may become brittle and cannot take pressure of excessive waste, chemical, or overly aggressive usage of plumbing auger.

Planting bushes and trees too close to the sewer like also can break your sewage pipes at some point. Your family members who place too much of paper down the toilets are also great offenders of pipes breakage. Inappropriate flushing can result in broken sewage pipes. Waste requires water, so flushing two times may be necessary at times.

Replacing or Repairing Broken Sewage Pipes

If a pipe breaks down, you may be capable to repair a section that’s causing the issue. If you’ve a house with old sewer pipes, it might be prudent to fix the whole line from your business or home to sewer systems. New technology in the plumbing techniques can replace or repair, most of the sewer lines in just one day’s time.

The trenchless sewer lines replacement is lesser invasive than the former ways and replaces the pipes with some resin soaked pipe which hardens in place, thus forming a pipe which has a life time of 50 years approximately. This way of sewer lines replacement is utilized to repair short section of sewer pipes inside homes, municipalities, and businesses.

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